Dan Seracu

Dr. Dan Seracu

"The Hermit"

Work Fields

  • Para Diagnosis
  • Crystal Therapy
  • Aroma Therapy
  • Tarot and Yi-Jing Divination
  • Geomancy
  • Kabbala
  • Autocontrol
  • Time and space travels

Dan Seracu was one of the most important occultists and biotherapists in Romania. He was a visionary, and he tried to share his ideas to everyone who wanted to listen and practice. Many of us didn"t believe him at first, but as we began to explore "the world of the unseen", we started to understand him.

He was attracted to the parapsychology from a long time, but before 1989, under the communist regime, it was impossible to be "different", so he just studied and improved his abilities in silence. After 1989, my first meet with the other side of my father was seeing him in aTV talk show about parapsychology phenomena, presented by Mr. Buzdugan. By that time, I knew that he was a chemistry researcher...

He created a new method of working in ALPHA state, The "Autocontrol" but he also practiced diagnosis and therapy from distance. As he said himself, he began with the radiestezic instruments, but in time he realized he didn"t need them anymore, them being merely tools. He also practiced and wrote books on Crystal Therapy, Divination, Kabbala, he wrote an Encyclopedia of the Occult Sciences, he gave conferences, and lectures in many cities in Romania, he was a teacher, and a biotherapist.

Beside these, he was a simple man, living his life among family, friends, colleagues. He was intelligent, funny, gentle and also firm, he was everything I could wish for a father, and I can say that he was my best friend, because there was no one I could have trusted more than him.

He had many friends, from which I would like to remember the astrologer Firicel Ciarnau, my mentor and a dear friend of mine too, his cabinet colleague and apprentice, Theodor Vasile - Teo, as we call him - from whom I wish to learn all that my father has taught him.

He was my mentor, and everything I know now started from him. I still have a long way to go, and I wish he was here, to guide me again.


Material alcatuit de Alina Todea (Seracu)

Dan Seracu - doctor in chemistry - associated professor - scientific researcher - parapsichologist